I’m Miranda! The one, usually on the back end of the camera, hyping you tf up and acting like a goober during your session. Born and raised in Jacksonville, FL but definitely has wanderlust in my veins. If people ask me what music they should put on, it will always be Fetty Wap👏🏼. I fall in love easily with people( not in a romantic type of way but in a way that genuinely makes me want the best for you), I’m obsessed with tattoos and people with tattoos, I’m a moody creative but hide it with goofiness. I love to read books, LOVES summer and warm weather and could live on the beach with NO problem at all, I’m spiritual and kooky and roadtrips with the windows down blaring punk rock is a vibbeeeee! Should we be besties?!!

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"She’s a whirlwind of color in a grayscale town,
Wild heart, CREATIVE SOUL, turning the world upside down!"

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XO Miranda Danielle

Florida Wedding Photographer